If you’re looking to lease, sell or rent your home and move out of the area, call Duncan Realty. Our experienced agent will help with the entire process and the subsequent management of the property. You can count on our team to treat your rental home with care and attention, so you can relax and start making a new life in your new home.

For property management services, Duncan Realty will:

  • Perform a comparative market analysis to price your home competitively

  • List the home and market the listing across real estate platforms

  • Find a tenant for the residence and handle rent

  • Maintain the property throughout the process

Duncan Realty will serve as the middleman between the homeowner and the renter. You can trust our professionals to coordinate all management elements, bringing in trusted parties to keep up with the interior and exterior of the property, among other maintenance needs.

If you’re looking to rent, we can help you as well. Discuss what you need with Duncan Realty today!